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High risk of proteinuria in children with nephrotic syndrome

Dec 26, 2016
Urinary protein is one of the common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome is high, there is great harm, patients need timely to the hospital for examination, especially for children with nephrotic syndrome, urinary protein and high symptoms, even more so, this is because the children with nephrotic syndrome of urinary protein high has a great harm. So children with nephrotic syndrome high urine protein harm what?

1 with urinary protein can also have a variety of other protein loss, such as vitamin D binding globulin loss, leading to vitamin D and calcium metabolism abnormalities, vitamin D deficiency, affecting the skeletal development of children. Thyroid binding globulin and albumin deficiency cause thyroid dysfunction, and then affect the growth and development of children;
2 because of urine protein and protein synthesis in vivo changes of coagulation factors and anticoagulation factors out of balance, increased blood coagulation factor II, III, IV, V and X level, coagulation mechanism of organism, platelet activity, thrombolytic disorders. Therefore, nephrotic syndrome in children with high blood coagulation state, belong to high-risk thrombosis disease.
3 proteinuria will lose all kinds of proteins in the plasma, causing several metabolic disorders and dysfunction, and even complications. Such as analbuminemia itself or with low expansion pressure can cause lipid metabolism changes with lecithin cholesterol acyl transferase from the urine, resulting in hypercholesterolemia, and then the different lipoprotein ratio and activity change, may cause vascular endothelial injury and impaired glomerular function;

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