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What is the diagnostic criteria for nephrotic syndrome

Dec 27, 2016
How to determine whether had nephrotic syndrome? What are the criteria? Nephrotic syndrome incidence was higher, a lot of people are suffering from nephrotic syndrome of the threat, how do we determine whether suffering from nephrotic syndrome? What are the effective judgment standard? Please the national kidney specialist experts consultation center to introduce the diagnosis is suffering from nephrotic syndrome and what criteria.

1, edema:
The presence and severity of edema were positively correlated with the degree of hypoproteinemia, but exceptions were not uncommon.
2, hyperlipidemia:
The characteristics of abnormal lipid metabolism in nephrotic syndrome for almost all kinds of lipoproteins in plasma were increased, serum total cholesterol (Ch) and low density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-Ch) increased significantly, triglyceride (TG) and very low density lipoprotein cholesterol (VLDL-Ch) increased.
3, low serum albumin:
Hypoalbuminemia found in most patients with nephrotic syndrome, the serum albumin level below 30g/L. The main reason is the loss of albumin in the urine but the two are not completely parallel, because the value of albumin and catabolism balanced results of albumin synthesis.
4, proteinuria:
The normal daily urine protein excretion of not more than 150mg. proteinuria is produced by glomerular filtration membrane abnormality. Normal glomerular filtration membrane selective filtration of plasma protein, can effectively prevent most plasma proteins from the glomerular filtration, only minimal plasma protein into the glomerular filtrate. Change the protein concentration in blood, other 5:
A variety of plasma protein concentration can change nephrotic syndrome. Such as serum protein electrophoresis, alpha 2 and beta globulin increased, while 1 alpha globulin can be normal or decreased, IgG levels decreased significantly, while IgA, IgM and IgE levels than normal or increased, but the change of immunoglobulin with the primary pathogenesis of complement. The lack of factor B activation bypass conditioning can damage the body of bacteria, one of the reasons for the patients with nephrotic syndrome infection.
If you have nephrotic syndrome above symptoms, it is best to consult a doctor in time to the hospital, or do a detailed examination. Nephrotic syndrome is relatively large, do not listen to those quack, it is best to find an experienced doctor.

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