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The harm of nephrotic syndrome

Dec 27, 2016
We all know that nephrotic syndrome is a very complex disease, and prone to repeated attacks. Without timely treatment, not only will aggravate the condition there are many complications. Know the harm of nephrotic syndrome, can pay more attention to the disease. Below we with the Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital experts together to understand what the harm of nephrotic syndrome.

1, nephrotic syndrome harm is the first patients will appear a lot of protein hematuria symptoms. Because renal function damage, so glomerular filtration function is destroyed, many of the protein will be excreted with the patient's urine. This situation usually makes the liver synthesis protein quantity is insufficient, thus causes the patient to suffer from hypoproteinemia.
2, because there are a large number of proteins mentioned above flow out of the body, so a long time, will lead to the patient's plasma osmotic pressure also decreased. If people's plasma osmotic pressure imbalance, decline, it will make the water in the plasma overflow. After the overflow, it will accumulate in the patient's tissue or body cavity, which is the cause of systemic edema. This is also one of the hazards of nephrotic syndrome.
Above is the Shijiazhuang nephropathy hospital experts on the nephrotic syndrome some harm, I hope you read after the nephrotic syndrome can attach importance to. As the disease prone to repeated attacks, so pay attention to good diet, lifestyle and other aspects. If there is nothing to understand. Can consult our online experts, experts will answer for you one by one.

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