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Comprehensive prevention of low calcium in children

May 07, 2017

An important feature of children with nephrotic syndrome is a large amount of proteinuria. Albumin is the major protein loss. In the loss of a large number of albumin at the same time, the blood is easy to albumin combined with calcium excreted with the urine protein. The children in the developmental stage of growth, the demand for calcium increased relatively, cause the body calcium deficiency in children. If you do not pay attention to the child in a timely manner, calcium or calcium intake of food is insufficient, resulting in low blood calcium, calcium induced convulsions, tetany.

In addition, the treatment of nephrotic syndrome requires long-term use of large doses of adrenal cortical hormone. Pharmacological studies have shown that hormones have the role of vitamin D and calcium in the intestinal wall. So that the lack of calcium in children with more severe, and thus easily lead to osteoporosis in children, prone to fracture.

Therefore, in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome in children at the same time, should pay attention to vitamin D and calcium, to compensate for the calcium deficiency phenomenon, to avoid children with a low calcium convulsion, tetany, osteoporosis and bone fracture, the doctors and patients in the treatment of children with nephrotic syndrome should notice. Parents give the child to eat calcium food, medicine at the same time with the tonic, you can reduce or even avoid the complications of low calcium.


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