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Hypertension do not forget to protect the kidney

May 07, 2017

In the early stage of hypertension, in order to regulate the renal blood flow, the renal arterioles in the kidney were contracting. If the long-term blood pressure of hypertensive patients is unstable, it will lead to ischemic renal parenchymal damage. The renal tubules were more sensitive to ischemia and the damage occurred earlier. This part is mainly responsible for the reabsorption of glomerular filtration fluid (i.e., the original urine). When the function is decreased, the amount of reabsorption is decreased obviously, which is mainly manifested by the increase of nocturia, low specific gravity urine and low osmotic pressure. In addition, the glomerular capillary endothelial cells are damaged in the state of hypertension, leading to glomerular sclerosis. At this point, the kidney of patients with hypertensive nephropathy will be significantly reduced until completely lost function, developed into uremia.

High blood pressure patients with nocturia increased, there is a hint of hypertensive nephropathy. So, how to define nocturnal urine increase? In general, the normal urination is a law of the day and night. Nocturnal micturition will be less than daytime, general micturition is 0 - 1 times, the amount of urine is 300 - 400 milliliter, about 1/4 of 1/3 of 24 hours of urine. Therefore, the increase in nocturnal urine refers to the amount of urine during the night than the amount of urine during the day, or nocturia continued to exceed 750 ml.

Prevention and health care of hypertension patients with hypertension:

1, 1, don't keep for a long time to rest state for example for long time because it will make his desk, the brain is too tight, easily induced high blood pressure.

2, after waking up in the morning, do not immediately get out of bed is best to lie down and then get up, get up slowly, as far as possible to move the head and neck and upper limbs, in order to adapt to the change of body position.

3, do not forcibly defecate, breath holding, otherwise there is a risk of cerebral hemorrhage. Stool squatting easy fatigue, sitting is the most appropriate.

4, breakfast should be light, such as 1 cups of milk or soy milk, eggs, bread, bread, 1.

5, dinner should be less, 70% to eat is appropriate, not only should eat, with some soup or porridge.

6, insist on doing morning exercises, do not overdo sth. not strenuous activities. Mild activity is beneficial for relieving arterial tension.

7, warm water bath, overheating, too cold water will stimulate the skin's sense organs, causing vasoconstriction, thereby affecting blood pressure. With 40 degrees Celsius warm water bath, wash, gargle for the best choice.

8, nap at noon, after lunch a little activity, and then take a nap for half an hour to 1 hours is appropriate. To prevent the occurrence of hypertensive nephropathy, can refer to the above content to adjust their actual situation. If the high blood pressure patients appear to increase the number of nocturia, it should be suspected whether the lesions occur in the kidney, in time to the hospital for examination, is the right choice.


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