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What are the common symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

Dec 27, 2016
What about the symptoms of nephrotic syndrome, the problem is to let a lot of people are very puzzled, as a kind of common disease, nephrotic syndrome can be said to our body damage is quite large, so in the end what symptoms of nephrotic syndrome were analyzed following?:
Symptoms of nephrotic syndrome
1, proteinuria
Massive proteinuria is one of the most important features in the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome.
2, systemic edema
Almost when suffering from nephrotic syndrome in patients with varying degrees of edema, in general, edema in the face, lower limbs and scrotum and other parts is the most obvious part. Edema for several weeks, may also be a few months, may also occur throughout the course of the disease, in the infection (especially streptococcal infection), often make edema recurrence or aggravation, and even can appear.
3, high blood pressure
Important clinical manifestations of non nephrotic syndrome. But there is water and sodium retention and increased blood volume, there may be transient hypertension, and type of primary nephrotic syndrome with hypertension.
4, low serum protein
It is mainly the decline of plasma protein, and the degree of decline has important relationship with the degree of proteinuria.
Two, children nephrotic syndrome symptoms
Nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of causes of glomerular capillary permeability enhancement, resulting in a large number of proteinuria in clinical. Therefore, when a large number of children with proteinuria need to be cautious, because the emergence of a large number of proteinuria may be a precursor of nephrotic syndrome in children. The main manifestations of nephrotic syndrome in children are large proteinuria, and then there will be hypoproteinemia, hyperlipidemia and varying degrees of edema.
Children with nephrotic syndrome symptoms, often before the onset of the history of upper respiratory tract infection, mild edema manifested only in the morning, eyelid edema, severe edema in children with nephrotic syndrome can have systemic edema, pitting oedema, scrotal edema in children with nephrotic syndrome light, ascites and pleural effusion severe water swelling. Children with nephrotic syndrome are often fatigue, anorexia, mental fatigue, pale complexion and other symptoms, immune function in children with low, and it often has an infection, if not timely treatment can be combined with hypovolemic shock, electrolyte disorder of vascular embolism, acute renal failure.
The above content is the specific manifestation of children with nephrotic syndrome symptoms. Therefore, if your child appears above performance, parents must pay attention to, and timely treatment of children with medical treatment, so as not to delay the disease, delayed the best time for child treatment.

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