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What are the hazards of hormone therapy for nephrotic syndro

Dec 27, 2016
Early nephrotic syndrome clinical symptoms are not obvious, most patients are therefore ignored condition. In the history of the time, more patients through examination found +-3+ protein or occult blood +-3+, but itself is no symptoms, no attention, further examination and treatment, leading to exacerbations.
For now, the etiology of nephrotic syndrome is not clear. Nephrotic syndrome is caused by a variety of causes a syndrome, mainly due to glomerular basement membrane permeability increased with the decrease of glomerular filtration rate, clinical manifestations of "three high and one low", namely proteinuria, edema, hyperlipidemia, hypoproteinemia.
For the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, many patients first thought is hormone therapy. However, hormonal drug use is a lot of side effects for the treatment of diseases, because many patients have no too much understanding, do not know the hazards, behind the use of hormone therapy facing disease recurrence. So, hormone treatment of nephrotic syndrome what harm?.
Nephrotic syndrome medication should pay attention to some matters, because hormone drugs have a lot of side effects on the body, so be careful medication, hormone treatment of nephrotic syndrome hazards as follows:
It should be said that the hormonal control of proteinuria and other symptoms of the effect is very obvious, with the hormone often in a short period of time can make the urine protein was negative or reduced. Treatment of nephrotic syndrome, nephrotic syndrome disease seems to be controlled well, but this phenomenon is very fragile, a cold, a large amount of activity and some tired and so on, will cause proteinuria again, and hypoalbuminemia, edema with come to control had to increase the dose of hormone, disease again under control, again cold or tired, relapse again. So repeatedly, were miserable.
For the hazards of hormone treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the reason is not complicated, resulting in intrinsic glomerular cells by many pathogenic factors of injury, in addition to pathogenic immune complex deposition in an abnormal immune response and inflammation, as well as micro embolism of renal ischemia and hypoxia, blood coagulation hyperfunction leads to the formation of extracellular matrix formation. With the degradation and so on, and can inhibit the immune and anti-inflammatory hormone, which is obviously not enough, not enough to fully eliminate pathogenic factors lead to a variety of damaged glomerular intrinsic cells, so as to achieve complete repair. The damage of glomerulus cells and other purposes. And hormones have a lot of side effects, I believe this is a lot of nephrotic syndrome patients are very understanding.
Hormone treatment of nephrotic syndrome is dangerous? I hope you look at the content, for the use of hormone therapy must be careful for, here, experts suggest that patients with nephrotic syndrome in discovery, as soon as possible to have a healthy body, and the need to go to a regular hospital for consultation. The choice of a scientific method of treatment, the only way to bring about more effective protection.

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