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Causes of nephrotic syndrome

Dec 27, 2016
With the increase in patients with nephrotic syndrome, the treatment of nephrotic syndrome is also more and more attention. Due to the complexity of the etiology of nephrotic syndrome, which adds a lot of difficulty to the treatment. Nevertheless, if suffering from nephrotic syndrome, don't disease TouYi, must go to a regular hospital for treatment. So, cause nephrotic syndrome what are the reasons? Here by the Shijiazhuang kidney hospital experts do for you in detail.

First, infection: infection can cause nephrotic syndrome, general infection refers to bacterial infection, the patients will have some limitations to understand. It is mainly found in nephritis after streptococcal infection, bacterial endocarditis, shunt nephritis, leprosy, syphilis, tuberculosis, chronic pyelonephritis with reflux nephropathy, so be sure to prevent infection, the infection must be timely treatment.
Two, drug poisoning or allergic drug poisoning or allergies cause nephrotic syndrome, the etiology is very common, here for everyone to introduce some common toxic drugs, organic or inorganic organic mercury, gold and silver, penicillamine, two heroin, C probenecid, non steroidal anti-inflammatory medicine, tridion drugs; bee sting and venom; pollen, vaccine, anti toxin allergy, so my friends in the life must protect their own bodies, beware of allergy.
Three, disease: lupus nephritis more common in 20~40 years old women, 20%~50% presents the clinical manifestations of nephrotic syndrome. Diabetic nephropathy, more than 10 years of diabetes patients, especially diabetic type and not satisfied with the control of patients with nephrotic syndrome will be present in 1. Malignant tumors: all kinds of malignant tumors can cause nephrotic syndrome, even with nephrotic syndrome as early clinical manifestations.
The above is the "cause" of nephrotic syndrome nephrotic syndrome is a very dangerous disease, patients with nephrotic syndrome were treated not only in normal hospital, must pay attention to diet, diet if not careful, easily lead to exacerbations or relapse. Therefore, we should pay attention to diet, only healthy and reasonable diet will help the patient's health.

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