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Why is the treatment of hormone-treated nephrotic syndrome more urgent?

May 16, 2017

Application of glucocorticoid hormone in nephrotic syndrome is an indispensable part of the treatment, using it to treat to a certain extent, ease the pain of patients and improve the curative effect of the short term, however, there is no control of hormone application like opened a "Pandora's box", while bring happiness to people, also drew a disaster, has created all kinds of patients with irreversible serious symptoms:
Long-term physiological doses of corticosteroids can cause water, salt, sugar, protein and fat metabolism disorder, appear already adrenocortical function class.
The expression is to be to the heart sex fat, cause calcium absorb obstacle, cause osteoporosis, serious person still can occur spontaneous fracture.
Glucocorticoid attenuates the ability of the body to prevent disease, which is beneficial for bacterial growth and proliferation, inducing or aggravating infection.
Glucocorticoid promotes protein decomposition, which can delay the formation of granulation tissue and prevent trauma or surgical wounds and other ulcers.
Glucocorticoid is against the role of growth hormone, children's long-term use can inhibit the growth of bone and protein synthesis, affect the growth and development, application pregnant women still can cause fetal abnormalities.
Long-term glucocorticoid treatment, after the basic control symptoms, such as fast or sudden withdrawal, reducing the original symptoms may appear quickly or aggravating, known as "bounce phenomenon".
There are symptoms of the disease, such as muscle pain, muscle stiffness, joint pain, etc., which are called withdrawal symptoms (or withdrawal syndrome).
In addition, the long-term use of glucocorticoid hormones can cause adrenal cortical atrophy or function is not complete, induce and aggravate ulcers and even cause nerve mental symptoms, caused great obstacles for patient rehabilitation.
In short, hormone treatment is only become a mere formality, not solve the real problems, made a "band-aid, becoming" big fear, so, the application of hormone must be moderate, not blindly pursue curative effect and massive application of hormone, patients do not only stare at assay index, in the treatment of direction into the erroneous zone.


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