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Why can't hormone treat nephritic syndrome?

May 17, 2017

Why can't hormone cure nephritic syndrome? A kidney specialist in Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine said, to know the answer to this question, the first is to know what the nephrotic syndrome is. Nephrotic syndrome (NS), is similar syndrome rather than a separate disease caused by a variety of causes, the glomerular basement membrane permeability increased with the decrease of glomerular filtration rate and clinical symptoms like glomerular lesions. The typical manifestations include massive proteinuria, hypoproteinemia, high edema and hyperlipidemia. So why can't hormone therapy cure nephrotic syndrome?
First, long-term use of glucocorticoids can lead to disorders of metabolism of water, salt, sugar, proteins and fats, resulting in hyperparathyroidism. Manifested as central obesity, resulting in calcium absorption disorders and resulting in osteoporosis, then severe fractures can occur spontaneously.
Secondly, glucocorticoids can reduce the body's ability to defend against disease, and is conducive to bacterial growth, reproduction and proliferation, inducing or aggravating infection.
Then glucocorticoids promote decomposition of protein, which can delay the formation of granulation tissue, prevent trauma or surgical wound from healing.
In addition, glucocorticoids have a role in the fight against growth hormone, with long-term use, children can inhibit bone growth and protein synthesis, affecting growth and development, the use on pregnant women can also cause fetal malformations.
Finally, after long-term treatment with glucocorticoid, the basic symptom was controlled; reducing the amount too quickly or stopping suddenly, the symptoms may reappear rapidly or worsen which called rebound phenomenon. Appearing some of the symptoms the original disease not showed, such as myotonia, muscle pain, joint pain, it is called the withdrawal symptoms (or withdrawal syndrome).
Through the analysis above by Beijing tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine kidney specialist, I believe you all understand why hormone can't cure nephrotic syndrome. I hope you will learn more about kidney disease and keep away from kidney diseases.  

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