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Why does nephrotic syndrome get repeated attacks?

May 22, 2017

Many patients with nephrotic syndrome is seen as immune disease, immune response to abnormal production of pathogenic immune complexes deposited in glomeruli, glomeruli, causing damage to the cells, and induce the inflammatory reaction and a series of glomerular lesions, solid cell function is damaged, unable to maintain normal selective filtration function, large amount of protein leakage...... Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome is often the guidance taking hormone can inhibit the immune and anti-inflammatory treatment, continuous deposition can reduce pathogenic immune complexes in glomeruli and the inflammatory reaction and relieve glomerular damage, and then to control the disease. It should be said that hormone control, proteinuria and other symptoms of the effect is very obvious, after the use of hormones, often in a short period of time can make the urine protein negative or reduced. If the disease is well controlled, but this phenomenon is very fragile, a cold, a large amount of activity and some tired and so on, will cause proteinuria again, and hypoalbuminemia, edema followed, to control had to increase the dose of hormone, disease again under control. Again cold or tired, relapse again...... So repeatedly, were miserable! The reason is not complicated, resulting in intrinsic glomerular cells by many pathogenic factors of injury, in addition to pathogenic immune complex deposition in an abnormal immune response and inflammation, as well as micro embolism of renal ischemia and hypoxia, blood coagulation hyperfunction leads to the formation of extracellular matrix production and degradation. The imbalance and so on, and can inhibit the immune and anti-inflammatory hormone, which is obviously not enough! Not enough to fully dispel pathogenic factors lead to a variety of damaged glomerular intrinsic cells, so as to achieve thorough repair. The damage of glomerulus cells and other purposes! And hormone has a lot of side effects, I believe this is a lot of nephropathy have a good understanding of SARS patients. Therefore, the hormone plays a role in treatment of nephrotic syndrome is also Quxie injury! In this case, the patient is easy to recurrent, refractory, it is not surprising! And the use of traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of patients with nephrotic syndrome, because this disease is complex and the effect of the traditional Chinese Medicine is slow, not enough to effectively control the disease, so it often makes the patient into the recurrent situation. But the traditional Chinese medicine is unfavorable to the disease control. It is not the medicine but not the medicine!
Reading the article, you can combine your own conditions and treatment to make a judgment. What if there is a problem or other kidney disease patients have similar disease, we suggest that you can submit a case of patient data, to a kidney specialist in Beijing hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine combined with the specific condition to give you guidance and detailed analysis.

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