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Summer! What is the kidney syndrome?

May 23, 2017

Summer is a lot of people sick season, due to the consequences of various improper lifestyles, but kidney patients can not afford such a blow, because it is likely to lead to deterioration of the disease, if you are a kidney syndrome , And now there is no good way to the summer, then this article will certainly be of great help to you, do not believe, to see it!

Beijing Tong Shantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts Tip: hot summer! Kidney patients need to be so!

1, the patient early to avoid exposure to the sun

Nephrotic syndrome patients, must comply with the weather changes, to develop a good habit of living. About 1:00 pm is better to arrange half an hour or so lunch time, so you can ensure physical strength, to benefit rehabilitation. There are some harmful rays in the sun, such as r-ray, easily against the human body caused by inflammation of the skin, nephrotic syndrome patients with their own immune function is low, it should be cautious in the sun, so as to avoid skin inflammation worse.

2, the patient should try not to eat cold in the diet

Summer fruits and vegetables varieties, color and fragrant appetite, but patients with nephrotic syndrome should be strictly enforced diet rules, must not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys. Such as watermelon can be diuretic swelling, heat refreshing, but more food is too frequent urine also increase the burden on the kidneys, and watermelon sugar accumulation in the body is also a potential crisis of the disease.

Some children with nephrotic syndrome, hi to ice cream or iced diet to quench their thirst. If occasionally, many times a small amount is not taboo, if blindly Tan Liang is no benefit to the disease. Due to cold can damage gastrointestinal function, resulting in loss of stomach and stomach, the disease is useless. If the swine caused by acute enteritis each repeated or aggravated condition. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome in the summer with caution cool drinks.

3, the patient should be appropriate exercise

Nephrotic syndrome patients in their daily lives should pay attention to the problem is completed, I believe that nephrotic syndrome patients on how to do daily health have a clear direction. Experts say that kidney disease as long as the basis of regular treatment with good living habits, the disease will recover.

In the summer, if you can follow the above method to do, I believe you will be able to stay away from the pain torture, an early recovery.

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