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Daily life events of nephrotic syndrome

Jun 04, 2017

Mention of nephrotic syndrome, a lot of people feel familiar with this disease, this is mainly because it bring great harm to the patient's body, even may become uremia which is incurable, so patients with nephrotic syndrome should not only pay attention to timely treatment, also care more about the nursing work, what attention should specific people living with nephrotic syndrome pay to? Tongshantang nephropathy experts tell you how to resolve.Tongshantang
Diet nursing care of patients with nephrotic syndrome: must pay attention to the diet, usually get enough protein, vitamin intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, but also according to the specific symptoms of executive dietary requirements to control the amount of drinking water if the patients have edema symptoms and perform low salt standard; high blood cholesterol and low protein patients should eat foods containing unsaturated fatty acids.Tongshantang
Life care: Patients with nephrotic syndrome should develop good habits, to ensure adequate and high quality sleep, proper exercise, but not tired, take care the weather changes, timely change clothing to keep warm, maintain a positive and optimistic mood, happy mood also have very good auxiliary effect on treatment.
Clinical nursing: clinical nursing of patients with nephrotic syndrome in patients with severe edema is very important, try to rest in bed, and began to work when the symptoms were modified, facial edema patients should have a high pillow, patients should pay attention to oral hygiene, especially gargle after each meal, to keep the indoor air fresh. Pay attention to ventilation.Tongshantang
To sum up, you should know now what the patients of nephrotic syndrome should pay to. If there is a problem, or other kidney disease patients have similar disease, we suggest that you can submit a case of patient data, to Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine kidney specialist and we will give you guidance and detailed analysis.

Daily life events of nephrotic syndrome

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