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How does nephritic syndrome correct diet?

Jun 12, 2017

In nephrotic syndrome patients to rehabilitation, avoid repeated attack of the cycle, we must find the reasons from their own life, or even a good control of the disease, because life does not pay attention to, or will relapse, in order to avoid repeated attacks have to change their living conditions. Tongshantang nephropathy experts now give some suggestions of nephrotic syndrome patients.
Reasonable arrangements for life, pay attention to rest, to ensure adequate sleep, and do work and rest. If there is edema, hypertension and dyspnea etc., should rest in bed, timely treatment. After the symptom is relieved, but appropriate activity, but should avoid overworked and activity amount is too big.
1.Reasonable diet. Reasonable diet is important for the recovery of the disease. Low salt, low fat, high quality protein, calcium, phosphorus, adequate vitamins, low potassium diet when necessary. Please follow the following requirements: 1, diet should be nutritious and easy to digest, avoid eating stimulating food. 2, should eat high quality, low protein diet, such as eggs, lean meat, milk, fish and other animal proteins (ie, daily weight loss per kilogram of protein, quality is less than 0.5 grams). According to the weight of 60 kilograms: one egg per day or 2 egg white, 22 lean meat or 22 fish, 200ml milk), eat less or do not eat vegetable protein, such as flowers, beans and soy products. 3, edema, high blood pressure, oliguria, should limit the intake of water, sodium salt. The daily water intake should not exceed 1000ml.
2.Check blood and urine regularly. If more proteinuria and hypoproteinemia occur, the protein should be supplemented with high quality protein. Such as taking diuretics, furosemide and hydrochlorothiazide is, should eat high potassium foods, if triamterene and spironolactone and potassium sparing diuretics to high potassium content in fast food. Such as oranges, bananas, fresh mushrooms, pickled mustard tuber, red dates, potatoes and so on.
3.Drink more water. (24 hour urine volume should be more than 2500ml), pay attention to personal hygiene, keep the skin, mouth and vulva cleanness, prevent bedsore, stomatitis, urinary tract infection. 
Read the article, may wish to combine their own condition and treatment to make a judgment. If there is any problem, or around the other patients with kidney disease are similar to the disease, it is recommended to submit the patient's case data, so that Beijing Tongshantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts with specific conditions to give you detailed guidance and analysis.

How does nephritic syndrome correct diet?

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