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Can the patients with nephrotic syndrome eat barbecue?

Jun 12, 2017

The patients with nephrotic syndrome can eat barbecue barbecue? Though delicious, but the nutritional value is easily lost, especially charcoal barbecue grill, once the time is too long, may lead to amino acids and vitamins in meat was severely damaged, and the loss of nutritional value. Patients with nephrotic syndrome whose intake of water mainly comes from food, while the food in the barbecue, the general moisture will evaporate with the temperature, so there will not be too much water, so barbecue or eat less.
Because there are often some patients can not stand the temptation to eat, finally dragging sick body to live in the hospital, the experts for the patients with nephrotic syndrome were summarized several considerations on the diet, hoping to help patients.
First, the intake of salt. Edema should pay attention to low salt diet, so as not to aggravate edema, fasting pickled food, less MSG and soda, when symptoms are not normal, can restore the normal diet. Patients with severe edema and hypertension are usually given low salt or given a salt free diet.
Two, protein intake. In patients with nephrotic syndrome, high protein foods can increase the burden on the kidneys. Therefore, it is recommended that the daily protein intake be 1~2 g / kg, and that the protein supplied should be of high quality proteins such as milk, eggs and fish, and meat.
Three limit high-fat foods. Patients with nephrotic syndrome often can cause hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and glomerular damage, so patients with nephrotic syndrome should limit the intake of lipids, limiting animal offal, fat, some seafood rich in cholesterol and fat intake.
Four, avoid eating spicy, fried food, pepper, garlic, onions etc..
Five. Control the intake of water. If there is an obvious edema, water intake should be controlled. Including drinking water, eating porridge soup, soup.
The above is the patients with nephrotic syndrome can eat barbecue it, they must pay attention to the above-mentioned diet, must not be greedy zuikuai, early treatment, can avoid illness, to a speedy recovery!

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