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Can kidney heald patient drink yoghurt?

Jun 12, 2017

Diet in patients with nephrotic syndrome is important for the condition, so can nephrotic syndrome drink milk? For this question, let us understand.
Nephrotic syndrome patients often accompanied by gastrointestinal mucosal edema and ascites symptoms, these two kinds of symptoms can lead to food digestion function of the human body decreased, so the nephrotic syndrome patients should eat easily digestible food, milk is easy to digest food. In addition, nephrotic syndrome patients because there is a lot of protein urine, so that the body will have a large number of protein loss, resulting in protein malnutrition in vivo.
At one time, medicine advocates for the patients with nephrotic syndrome were high protein diet, in an attempt to increase the high protein to alleviate hypoproteinemia patients, but because the experiment showed that the protein supplement excessive lead to glomerular accelerated hardening. Instead, the reverse effect, so now advocated a small amount of high-quality protein diet.
The high quality protein content in milk of the total protein content of 4/5, in addition to milk also contains a variety of amino acids, and its protein structure and the human body is very close to the body's absorption and utilization. In addition to protein, the milk contains other ingredients are also very helpful to the patient's condition. Such as milk contains lactose, there is mediation of gastric acid secretion, and promote gastrointestinal digestion function. Therefore, nephrotic syndrome patients can drink milk, but also must drink, the amount of milk should be limited to about 250 milliliters per day.
The above is for nephrotic syndrome can drink milk gives the answer to this question, at the same time, the diet is very important for the patients with nephrotic syndrome of the disease, but to choose a good hospital for the treatment of nephropathy in patients with nephrotic syndrome is more important. I wish you a speedy recovery.

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