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What are the benefits of albumin1

Dec 28, 2016
First of all is the supplement of albumin supplement nutrition, many people have such a misunderstanding, to know whether albumin and nutrition needle can equate, must first understand the function of albumin. Albumin is synthesized in the liver, distributed in plasma, and in the extracellular fluid of skin, muscle, and other tissues. Albumin is most plasma protein in the protein content (and other major globulin, fibrin and so on), his main function in maintaining blood colloid osmotic pressure, i.e. albumin can pull water into blood vessels, blood to help maintain a certain capacity in the vessel, if the amount of albumin in the blood is too low. The water may be unsustainable and loss. In addition to maintain blood colloid osmotic pressure, albumin transport another main function is responsible for the matter, including the endogenous substances, such as fatty acids, bilirubin, hormones, and exogenous substances such as drugs, so some drugs will be affected by the concentration of protein in white.

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