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The origin of chronic kidney disease, do you know?

Jun 16, 2017

Do you know what is chronic kidney disease? The following Tongshantang experts to introduce chronic kidney disease, and I hope to help you.
First to say is the concept and origin of chronic kidney disease, from 2001 when the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) first proposed the "chronic kidney disease (CKD)" concept, the kidney damage caused by any reason or decreased renal function, and lasted more than 3 months were diagnosed as CKD. The renal damage refers to abnormal renal structure or function, with or without the glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreased, as one of the following: pathological abnormality; blood or urine abnormal components or imaging abnormalities; kidney function decline to GFR<60mL/min/1.73m2, without renal damage.
Next is the Chinese CKD present situation, do you know? Recently, the national kidney disease survey found that the incidence of CKD in China was 10.8%. According to this estimate, there are 140 million people suffering from CKD in china. However, because of the occult nature of the disease, CKD patients usually do not have symptoms at early stage, and their overall awareness of CKD is very low. The survey found that Taiwan Island, CKD in the phase1 of the 5 patients, awareness of their illness rates were 2.66%, 2.68%, 4.10%, 23.67% and 52.40%, which means that the early CKD patients are aware of their suffering from chronic kidney disease, and most of the patients are aware of their suffering from kidney disease is renal damage which is more serious, without early treatment, delay the deterioration of kidney function, the greatest degree to improve the quality of life opportunities. In Chinese, among all CKD patients, 84% patients with normal renal function or only mildly reduced renal function, education and intervention of early CKD groups in the proportion accounted for most of the way into the treatment of chronic kidney disease is the most cost saving is the most effective.
Read the article, you may wish to combine their own condition and treatment to make a judgment. If there is any problem, or around the other patients with kidney disease are similar to the disease, it is recommended to submit the patient's case data, so that Beijing Tongshantang Chinese medicine hospital kidney disease experts with specific conditions to give you detailed guidance and analysis.

The origin of chronic kidney disease, do you know?

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