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How to prevent childhood infection with nephrotic syndrome?

Jun 24, 2017

Nephrotic syndrome is a common kidney disease, often due to skin edema, a large number of proteinuria, decreased immunity and other issues, prone to various types of infections, such as skin infections, urinary tract infections and respiratory infections. Especially children due to the development of the body is not perfect to pay attention to strengthen the protection, timely use of measures to protect, to reduce the incidence of infection.
Prevention of skin infections. The kidneys are the main organs of the body to discharge moisture, but when the kidney have a problem, it will cause poor water discharge, so edema is one of the most common symptoms after kidney problems, and children with nephrotic syndrome are no exception. Edema of children with nephrotic syndrome increased skin tension, subcutaneous blood can not be normal cycle, combined with low proteinemia and long-term use of hormones, the body immunity decreased, prone to skin infections. Usually should pay attention to keep dry and clean skin of children; regularly to children turn over and drying bedding, keep the bedding soft; daily scrub children's armpits, groin, etc.. For children with severe edema, should avoid intramuscular injection.
Prevention of urinary tract infection. Proteinuria is a common manifestation of kidney disease, urine protein content increased for the growth and reproduction of bacteria to provide a good environment, and because of the decline in the body's immunity, the bacteria will "homeopathic and" easy to invade the body, Causing urinary tract infection. If the child suffering from nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to keep its perineum clean, clean every day, if necessary, to take preventive measures, it should be noted that many drugs have damage to the kidneys, before consultation with doctors, in order to increase the condition.
Prevention of respiratory tract infection. Nephrotic syndrome can lead to a large number of protein loss, which can induce the body immunity decreased. Due to decreased immunity can not resist the invasion of bacteria, it is easy to cause infection. Especially the respiratory tract directly with the outside world, more vulnerable to bacterial violations, causing respiratory infections. So children should be appropriate to add high-quality protein, improve the level of albumin, while maintaining the indoor clean, ventilation every day, do not let children to poor air environment.

How to prevent childhood infection with nephrotic syndrome?
How to prevent childhood infection with nephrotic syndrome?

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