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Patients with nephrotic syndrome must not be "heavy"

Jun 24, 2017

Nephrotic syndrome in our country is more and more common, we all know that the kidney is an important organ for us, so after the illness should not only pay attention to the treatment, but also in the diet on the strict demands on themselves, do the prevention and treatment of nephrotic syndrome, what nephrotic syndrome patients that can not eat?
1) excessive intake of sodium salt:
After suffering from nephrotic syndrome edema, diet should be based on a low salt diet, so as not to aggravate the condition. After suffering from the disease, the daily limit of salt is less than 2 grams, and the consumption of monosodium glutamate and edible alkali should be less.
2) intake of protein:
In patients with nephrotic syndrome, high protein diet should be included in the daily diet without renal failure. But for chronic and non critical patients with nephrotic syndrome, should eat less protein, because protein content is too high will make the glomerular capillary in a high pressure condition, increase the content of urinary protein, glomerular accelerated aging. As for patients with chronic renal impairment, low protein diets should be included in daily life.
3)intake of animal fat:
In patients with nephrotic syndrome usually with hyperlipidemia, therefore, if excessive intake of animal fats can cause glomerular sclerosis, arteriosclerosis, so patients with the disease should eat such as fat, animal offal and other high fat and high cholesterol foods limited.
To sum up, the above is Tongshantang experts explain for everybody on nephrotic syndrome can not eat what the relevant content. If we have kidney problems, have a serious impact on the health of our body, everyone in the understanding of diet related nephrotic syndrome in the diet taboo, to make more efforts, in strict accordance with the relevant requirements of the control of their eating habits.

Patients with nephrotic syndrome must not be "heavy""
Patients with nephrotic syndrome must not be "heavy""

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