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Nephrotic syndrome diet is critical

Jun 25, 2017

In recent years, the incidence of nephrotic syndrome is more and more high, suffering from nephrotic syndrome must be timely to receive formal treatment, but also pay attention to diet, in order to achieve the role of adjuvant therapy, so what to eat in patients with nephrotic syndrome? The following Tongshantang experts will give you details.
Diet for nephrotic syndrome
1) do not drink stimulating drinks such as soda, cola, Sprite, etc., contain a lot of carbonate components in these drinks, in addition to a good drink, no good for your health.
2) do not eat aphrodisiac food and alcohol, such as the bullwhip and other foods should be away from the good. I think this kind of food not only does not nourish the kidneys, but also aggravates the burden on the kidneys, but not only will it hurt the liver, but also will have an impact on kidney health.
4) diet should be low salt, low sodium, which can reduce the burden on the kidneys, but also reduce the occurrence of symptoms such as edema, high sodium alcohol and other symptoms.
5) eat less animal fat food, excessive fat can cause nephrotic syndrome patients with high blood pressure, high blood lipids and other complications.
Diet therapy for nephrotic syndrome
Abalone chicken
Practice: Chicken about 80 grams, remove skin and subcutaneous fat. Abalone 25 grams, add water into the cooker, first with the fire boil, and then use a small fire slow cooker, about 40 minutes ~45 minutes, add a little salt to taste meat soup.
 Poria bean porridge
Approach: take Poria 25 grams, 30 grams of red bean, jujube 10, 100 grams of rice. The red beans soaked in cold water half day, with tuckahoe, jujube, rice cooked for porridge. Morning and evening meal taking temperature.
Nephrotic syndrome is not an independent disease, its harm to the body is very large, so once the disease, must be timely treatment, during treatment with the above two therapeutic side conditioning, can make the recovery faster.

Nephrotic syndrome diet is critical
Nephrotic syndrome diet is critical

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