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Renal function test index

Jul 01, 2017

Renal function tests including urine protein (proteinuria), creatinine, urea nitrogen, urine occult blood, urine occult blood, kidney function to check the status of renal function and effective response.

Renal function test index:

1, urine protein (proteinuria): normal value, the daily discharge is less than 150 mg

Due to the filtration of glomerular filtration membrane and reabsorption of renal tubules, the protein content of urine in healthy subjects is very small, and the protein is negative in qualitative examination. When increased the content of protein in the urine, the urine protein content of more than 3.5g/24h for proteinuria.

2, creatinine high: standard value is: 44-106 mol/L

Creatinine values than the normal value can be called high creatinine, renal function to measure serum creatinine. When the serum creatinine exceeds 106 mol/L, it means that the kidney may be damaged and kidney failure and renal failure have occurred.

3, urea nitrogen: normal adults, fasting BUN is 3.5-7.1mmol/L (9-20mg/dL)

It is one of the main indexes of renal function, and the change of urea nitrogen has great influence on the value of non protein nitrogen. In the clinic, the detection of urea nitrogen is used instead of the determination of non protein nitrogen.

4, urine occult blood: blood in the urine of 1mL per liter when visible

Refers to the centrifugal sedimentation in the urine of each high magnification more than 3 red blood cells, or urine more than 1 or 1 hours urine red blood cell count of more than 100 thousand, or 12 hours urinary sediment counted more than 500 thousand, showed abnormal increase in the number of red blood cells in urine

5, urine occult blood:

It was made by routine urine tests. There was a red cell in the urine routine. Urine occult blood itself can also be used as an indicator, whether positive or negative, if positive, is a plus.

Kidney function examination, today we will say here, I hope you for renal function test, must go to a regular hospital, timely detection of physical problems, timely solution. Finally, if you still have what other kidney problems, you can give us a message or email to, tongshantang experts will be the fastest and most professional medical knowledge, to answer your question.

Renal function test index

Renal function test index


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