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Which aspects should nephrotic syndrome patients noted?Do you know?

Jul 01, 2017

Nephrotic syndrome can cause great harm to human body, this raises the attention of the patient. Patients want to treat nephrotic syndrome, first patient should pay attention to the diet. So, what aspects should patients pay attention to?

A. For the patients, they should strengthen the intake of high vitamin, most of these vitamins are in fruits and vegetables, so patients should add fresh vegetables and fruit in the daily diet.

B. Because the protein in the human body can be broken down into ammonia, and the ammonia will increase the burden of kidney, especially the vegetable protein, so patients should on a low protein diet as far as possible.

C. The intake of high quantity heat for patients with nephrotic syndrome should pay attention to the heat, get enough carbohydrates can supply the body heat, and also can make full use of the low protein diet of amino acids.

Read the article, may wish to combine their own condition and treatment to make a judgment. If there is any problem, or around the other patients with kidney disease are similar to the disease, it is recommended to submit the patient's case data, so that Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Tranditional Chinese Medicine kidney disease experts with specific conditions to give you detailed guidance and analysis.

Which aspects should nephrotic syndrome patients noted?
Which aspects should nephrotic syndrome patients noted?


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