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How can you prevent nephrotic syndrome in your life?

Jul 01, 2017

Nephrotic syndrome in this disease is very difficult to treat, after many people suffering from this disease is often Jiuzhibuyu, so to prevent the nephrotic syndrome in life is very necessary. So how do you prevent nephrotic syndrome in your life? Here we introduce some preventive methods, we hope to be able to help.

How can you prevent nephrotic syndrome in your life?

A diet, not tanliang.

In summer, there are many varieties of fruits and vegetables, and the color, smell and appetite are very important. But the patients with nephrotic syndrome should strictly follow the rules of diet. They should not eat too much, so as not to increase the burden on the kidney. Although such as watermelon can induce diuresis detumescence, Qingre heat, but more food is urine frequency also increased the burden on the kidneys, in Watermelon Sugar in vivo is a potential crisis of cumulative disease. Some children with nephrotic syndrome thirst for ice cream or ice cream. If occasionally, a few times is not taboo, if blindly Tanliang of useless disease. Because of the cold and can damage the gastrointestinal function, so that the stomach lost in Jianyun, on the condition of good. If the occurrence of acute enteritis Tanliang per the disease recurrence or aggravation. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome use cold and cold drinks carefully in summer.

Two, proper exercise, pay attention to hygiene.

Proper physical exercise is beneficial to the recovery of disease. Such as walking, Taijiquan, qigong and so on. But should pay attention to exercise time, in the morning and evening is appropriate, must not at noon or when the sun is strong exercise. Although swimming is a good summer sports, but because swimming requires a lot of physical exertion, as well as the hygiene of the swimming field can not be guaranteed, it is recommended that patients with nephrotic syndrome do not swim. For patients with nephrotic syndrome in health should include two aspects: one is the health food, do not eat sour, overcooked or overnight unclean food, so as to avoid the occurrence of gastrointestinal diseases, rehabilitation effect. Furthermore, personal hygiene, clothing should be washed frequently change frequently, a loose, soft cotton is appropriate, often take a bath, clean the skin to prevent prickly heat, boil to disease recurrence or exacerbation of infection. Attention should be paid to mosquitoes, flies and other summer insects, to prevent their bites, so that skin infections.

Three, regulating emotion, abstinence the fine.

Emotional discomfort is often an important cause of recurrent illness and blood pressure fluctuations. Nephrotic syndrome patients with long course, must have the confidence to overcome the disease, subtly regulate emotions, such as flowers and birds amused, calligraphy, reading, playing chess can promote the healthy mood.

The above is the prevention of nephrotic syndrome in the life of the method, can be seen to prevention of nephrotic syndrome, we must first develop good habits, first of all to be eating poisonous, do not eat cold food, should also pay attention to hygiene, proper exercise, should pay attention to adjust the mood, only do these, then better able to prevent nephrotic syndrome.

How can you prevent nephrotic syndrome in your life?

How can you prevent nephrotic syndrome in your life?


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