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How to care for children with nephrotic syndrome

Jul 25, 2017

The incidence of nephrotic syndrome is very high, the harm is very large, frequently in children with children. The course of the disease is difficult to recover, easy to recurrent, to people's normal life and work has brought great harm. So, how can children get nephrotic syndrome care?

First, nephrotic syndrome is an autoimmune disease, vulnerable to adverse effects of the outside world, leading to increased disease. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome during the onset, should grasp the epidemic, to avoid cross-infection: kindergartens in the event of other diseases, the source of infection should be timely isolation of children with kidney disease, or let it go home to prevent infection on other infectious diseases.

Second, if the children had nephrotic syndrome, parents must pay attention to changes in the weather, in time to increase or decrease the child clothes, pay attention to warm. Nap should give more care to ensure that children with adequate sleep.

Third, if the children after a period of treatment, the condition is in a stable period. Generally also need medication. The teacher and the care physician should check the child's medication daily. As children generally have to take diuretic hormone drugs, children's urine output increased, the need for special attention to teachers, classes or activities to remind children to go to the toilet in time to avoid unnecessary pain to the children.

Fourth, pediatric patients during the onset, due to a large number of protein discharged from the urine, the body often occurs protein deficiency phenomenon, it should be given from the diet. Sick children's recipes should contain enough protein, such as fish, lean meat, poultry, soy products and so on. In addition, should also limit the intake of salt, the daily general does not exceed 2 grams. If the kindergarten lack of conditions for children to prepare this special diet, parents can bring their own, when the meal hot one hot, so that children eat enough to eat. There is no limit to their diet.

5, so that children often exercise, help to prevent the onset of the disease. Some children with long-term use of hormones, leading to decreased immunity, it is very easy to complicated by respiratory infections, children should be strictly limited the amount of activity. Can do some quiet game, to avoid strenuous exercise, so as to avoid child fatigue, aggravate the condition.

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How to care for children with nephrotic syndrome

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