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Salt intake criteria for pediatric nephrotic syndrome

Aug 25, 2017

Children with nephrotic syndrome, the cause is unknown, mostly due to respiratory infections, allergic reactions and so on. Because the function of the kidney in children is completely perfect, and the food and so on need to go through the kidneys to filter, in the case of renal insufficiency, usually lead to many substances deposited in the kidney, increasing the condition of children, so In children with children with nephrotic syndrome in children with strict control of food intake, the most important control of salt intake. Children with nephrotic syndrome, salt intake criteria have the following points.

1, less salt diet: daily intake of salt intake of not more than 2 ~ 3g (1g salt sodium content of 400mg), no longer eat other salt food.

2, no salt diet: daily diet in the cooking no longer salt or other salt food, usually add sweet and sour to enhance the taste, but the amount of sodium in the food should not exceed 1000mg.

3, less sodium diet: a day diet in addition to cooking no longer add salt or other salt food, but also to calculate the amount of sodium in the food does not exceed 250 ~ 500mg.

Long-term consumption of children after eating less salt, often like to eat braised food, according to the local soy sauce salt concentration, with soy sauce on behalf of salt, the amount of regulation. General soy sauce 4 ~ 5ml in about 1g of salt.

Salt intake criteria for pediatric nephrotic syndrome

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