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How is the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome

Sep 06, 2017

We have a lot of patients with nephrotic syndrome, so we are very familiar with the disease, its harm is very large, many people in order to prevent the occurrence of the disease, will want to go to the regular hospital for the disease Check, so as to ensure their own prevention effect, then now medicine for nephrotic syndrome, what are the diagnostic methods? Let's take a look!

What is the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome:

Urine routine examination: through the urine protein qualitative, urinary sediment microscopy, you can initially determine whether there is glomerular lesions exist. Blood lipids: nephrotic syndrome patients often lipid metabolism disorders, elevated blood lipids. Renal function tests: often do the project for the urea nitrogen (BUN), creatinine (SCR), which is often done one of the items used to understand whether the damage of renal function and its extent. Plasma protein determination: nephrotic syndrome, plasma albumin less than 30G is a necessary condition for diagnosis. 24-hour urine protein quantitative: nephrotic syndrome in patients with 24-hour urine protein quantitative over 3.5G is a necessary condition for diagnosis. Hemorheology: nephrotic syndrome patients often hypercoagulized blood, blood viscosity increased. This check helps to understand the situation. Electrolyte and CO2 binding (CO2-CP) determination: used to understand whether there is electrolyte imbalance and acid-base balance disorders, in order to correct.

The above is for everyone to introduce the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome is related to the content, through the introduction of experts, we should also know that chronic diseases such as the disease will bring complications, if the patient can not control the disease as soon as possible, in addition to lead to patients The emergence of infection, there may be damage to red blood cells, which induced the blood system diseases, and even induced hypertension and other diseases, so patients should be as soon as possible to control the disease, and these complications do a good job in order to ensure their own treatment The

How is the diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome

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