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Nephrotic syndrome edema is what causes

Nov 20, 2017

The occurrence and severity of edema were positively correlated with the degree of hypoalbuminemia. However, exceptions are not uncommon. The body itself has the ability to resist edema, nephrotic syndrome edema is caused by the following reasons.

When plasma albumin concentration decreased and plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreased, tissue fluid greatly increased from the lymphatic flow, thus taking away the protein in the tissue fluid, so that the colloid osmotic pressure of the tissue fluid decreased at the same time, and the gradient difference between the two remained the normal range. Increased tissue water, then the hydrostatic pressure increases, can make small blood vessels before capillary contraction, so that blood perfusion decreased, reducing the capillary bed area, so that capillary pressure drop within the hydrostatic pressure, thereby inhibiting the body fluids from the blood vessels Internal organizations escape. Water out of the blood vessels, so that tissue protein concentration decreased, while the plasma protein concentration increased. In view of the limited capacity of the lymphatic drainage of tissue fluid protein, the body fluid distribution of self-balancing ability to a certain extent, when the plasma colloid osmotic pressure further decreased, the tissue fluid colloid osmotic pressure can not be adjusted to the corresponding level, the difference between the two can not Maintain the normal level, it produces edema.

Most patients with nephrotic syndrome edema normal blood volume, or even increased, and not necessarily reduce the plasma renin normal or at low levels, suggesting that nephrotic syndrome, sodium retention is due to renal regulation of sodium balance disorders, and low blood Volume-activated renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system has nothing to do. Nephrotic syndrome edema can not be explained by only one mechanism. Blood volume changes, only in some patients may cause water and sodium retention, increased edema, but can not explain the occurrence of all edema, the true mechanism of its formation, it is not yet clear, it is likely with certain regulation of the kidney Mechanisms related to obstacles.

Nephrotic syndrome edema is what causes

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