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Nephrotic syndrome patients need exercise?

Jan 11, 2018

We all know that exercise can enhance the body's resistance, a great role in good health, then, Nephrotic syndrome need exercise? How should exercise?

Nephrotic syndrome patients need exercise?

Suffering from nephrotic syndrome, the doctor always told patients to rest, patients are worried about the condition will be repeated or worse, so as to prolonged bed rest, motionless. But in fact, this is wrong, the patient in full rest, but also pay attention to more exercise. This is good for the patient's condition. If long-term bed rest will not only improve the condition, but will even aggravate the condition. So, nephrotic syndrome patients should exercise?

Patients with nephrotic syndrome, if accompanied by a large number of proteinuria, edema, bed rest should be based, to avoid strenuous exercise. This time lying flat can help kidney perfusion and promote urination, diuretic swelling is good, but also can reduce renal ischemia. But not motionless. Stretch your arms and legs can be stretched, activity activity muscles, and occasionally need to get out of bed.

Proteinuria is controlled and edema disappears. At this time you can gradually increase the movement, such as walking, tai chi and so on. Exercise time to morning and evening is appropriate, pay attention to indoor and outdoor temperature difference, the temperature difference should not go out exercise, but also do not prolonged or strenuous exercise.

Patients with nephrotic syndrome need to adjust their exercise to their own condition, but strenuous exercise should be avoided. Exercise time and intensity, need to develop according to the condition. If you have other questions, you can consult our online doctor or give us a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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