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The prognosis of membranous nephropathy

Dec 29, 2016
At present, the clinical remission rate of MN is 22% ~ 28.5%. A large number of clinical data were reviewed, and the overall survival rate was 83% and 10 in patients with membranous nephropathy treated with or without treatment. The survival rate of the patients with NS was less than that of the previous treatment, and the survival rate of the patients with was 70%. Most patients with mild to moderate protein
Urine, the course of disease was benign. For the prognosis of MN differ from, but most think of women and children, youth and secondary membranous nephropathy (drugs) in patients with good prognosis. Male, elderly onset, massive proteinuria (> 10g/d), severe hypertension, severe hyperlipidemia, early
The incidence of glomerular filtration rate (GFR) decreased, and the pathological changes of renal tissue showed higher stage (stage III, IV), tubular atrophy and interstitial fibrosis. The urine protein is less than 3.5g/d, or 3 years before the onset of normal renal function in patients with better prognosis.

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