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What are the symptoms of female chronic nephritis

Dec 24, 2016
Chronic nephritis patients have a large part of female friends, then the female chronic nephritis symptoms? Many female patients are seriously ill to come to medical treatment, mostly because there is no early detection of disease infestation. And grasp the symptoms of knowledge on the timely detection and diagnosis of chronic nephritis is of great help. Below we will introduce specific knowledge about the symptoms of female chronic nephritis, in order to diagnose disease.
Experts said that edema is one of the most common symptoms of chronic nephritis. Such as eyelid edema, facial edema, lower extremity edema, and even systemic edema. Female patients can appear the symptom of nephritis edema, is mainly due to damage to the renal excretion of water and regulatory function, so that water and sodium in children with increasing excess water accumulated in the body of loose tissue, and the eyelid is the loose organization of more parts.
Anemia is one of the symptoms of chronic nephritis, anemia of chronic nephritis may have the following reasons: 1, the utilization of iron reduction barriers young red blood cell hemoglobin synthesis in the bone marrow, ineffective erythropoiesis, 2 kidney is an important organ secretion of erythropoietin and erythropoietin in chronic renal insufficiency was significantly reduced effect of red cells in bone marrow, growth, maturation and release.
In addition, urine protein, urine foam increased, urine color changes are women with chronic nephritis symptoms. Urine routine examination of urine protein will see or (and) behind the two indexes have occult blood (+, + +, + + +) symbols appear. Once the urine protein urine will appear bubble phenomenon, and these bubbles persistent; and red blood cell leakage showed the urine color changes of patients appeared water, wash the meat color of soy sauce.
Through the above introduction, we should be on women with chronic nephritis symptoms which have some basic knowledge of this area. Experts remind female friends must pay more attention to their health, if found above suspicious symptoms, to the hospital in time for early detection of disease, early treatment.

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