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The study of nephrotic syndrome

Dec 24, 2016
The study of nephrotic syndrome
Nephrotic syndrome is one of the most common pathological types in kidney disease. Nephrotic syndrome is a group of clinical syndromes caused by a variety of causes of increased glomerular basement membrane permeability, resulting in a large number of protein loss, resulting in hypoproteinemia, highly edematous hypercholesterolemia. The understanding of the disease is more unified in modern medicine, treatment also has rules to follow. In traditional Chinese medicine, is Different people, different views. According to their understanding and erudite through paternal teaching and influence treatment of kidney disease, has accumulated 128 cases of complete.
Western Medicine on nephrotic syndrome (hereinafter referred to as nephropathy) is not fully elucidated the pathological mechanism. General understanding of proteinuria is because the glomerular capillary wall charge barrier and screen barrier (a film) or at the same time damage. Glomerular filtration function is destroyed, plasma protein is lost in urine and lost, showing a series of symptoms of kidney disease. In addition to treatment, diuresis and detumescence, reduce symptomatic treatment of urinary protein, the main treatment method to inhibit immune and inflammatory reaction. Drugs commonly known as glucocorticoids and cytotoxic drugs. The early treatment effect is excellent, but as the disease progress, many adverse reactions caused by hormones appear, especially low immune function disorder, cause infection occurs repeatedly, not only may appear life-threatening hazards, the most direct cause of hormone reduction process unpredictable elongated. I have seen several years to ten years still taking a large number of hormone patients. The patient's condition, it is really too horrible to look at. Chinese medicine without the name of nephropathy, from the beginning of nephropathy, and Feng Shui card similar. With the development of the disease, it is closest to the description of "edema". In the old Chinese classics "Neijing" and later classic "golden", has a very detailed description of edema. "Jinyuan four people" Zhu Danxi is pided into yin and Yang water edema, the clinical syndrome differentiation and treatment more rule-based. The Ming Dynasty Zhang Jingyue pointed out that the treatment of edema from lung (dispersive and descending), spleen (transport of moisture), kidney (three dirty hands, warm gas) is derived from the orthodox treatment of tcm. From the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of kidney related literature, it seems that some rigidly adhere to the classical exposition. We believe that the advantages of Western medicine for nephropathy, pathological knowledge, traditional Chinese medicine is the strength of clinical efficacy. Unfortunately, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners often rigidly adhere to the exposition of ancient books, easy to ignore the pathological understanding of Western medicine; and Western doctors often lack empirical basis for empirical treatment and ignore the therapeutic effect of traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, if you don't save the parochial prejudice fusion of Chinese and Western Medicine on real insights, nephropathy, clinical effect should be satisfied. Based on the experience in the treatment of the meaning of classics discusses erudite through paternal teaching and influence, understanding, combined with modern medical research on the pathology of DN, we summarize the treatment of nephropathy "three nephropathy method": detoxification, blood stasis, replenishing essence, the three runs through the treatment process of nephropathy. But, with the course of the evolution need to be emphasized, and the beginning of patients taking hormone, detoxification in the first place; protein disappeared, including rehabilitation treatment, replenishing essence should be put in the first place, such as the prescription.
Overall, based on the clinical practice of renal treatment effect, we believe that pure Chinese medicine treatment effect is better than the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment effect is better than pure western medicine treatment. Our hospital with traditional Chinese characteristics treatment methods, combined with pathological diagnosis of Western medicine, achieved good results.

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