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Analysis of the causes of nephrotic syndrome in children

Dec 31, 2016
There are many causes of nephrotic syndrome in children, such as upper respiratory tract infection, pharyngitis and so on. When cold, the body's immune cells in vivo invasion of bacteria and viruses will devour and generate an antibody, then death, to kill bacteria, to ensure that the body does not hurt. The children because of weak constitution, immune cells less than normal, the immune function is not strong, so the immune cells sometimes will not be able to engulf bacteria, but temporarily put bacteria contained, bacteria and germs in the body of the antibody itself with an immune complex, with the blood circulation to the kidneys, basement membrane sink to the glomerulus, and a damage to the kidney, the loss of a large number of proteins, resulting in nephrotic syndrome.
Nephrotic syndrome can occur at any age, but young people and children. Minimal change nephrotic syndrome and age of onset in 2~6 years old children, and boys more than girls, easy to relapse and persistent, long course of disease. Usually 1~4 weeks after infection. In general children with nephrotic syndrome have early symptoms of infection, its prominent feature is the "three high and one low", namely high height edema, proteinuria, hypercholesterolemia and hypoproteinemia. Can be cold within 1~4 weeks after the child, head, trunk lower extremity edema, especially loose tissue parts is more obvious, the most obvious is the first appearance of the eyelid is severe edema, skin thin and translucent with pleural effusion and ascites, skin slightly damaged will seepage.
Some children and pregnant women can appear similar skin white stripes or purple lines in the medial thigh and upper arm, abdomen and chest; urine volume significantly decreased urinalysis 3~4 plus proteinuria, a large number of proteins from urine loss become the main cause of hypoalbuminemia.
Nephrotic syndrome course is very easy to relapse, insist on treatment is critical. General to maintain a year and a half to two years of standardized treatment. According to clinical data, some children at the age of two or three to the age of onset of 10~12 disease is not good. Upper respiratory tract infection is the main culprit. Long term recurrent seizures can affect the growth and development of children, so that nephrotic syndrome has become extremely difficult to cure.
Children suffering from kidney disease after the focus of care to prevent colds, children should not eat salt and high protein foods. Should strictly limit the amount of children's activities, clothing should not be worn for a long time, it is not appropriate to reduce or stop drug.

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