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Chronic nephritis should pay attention to eating habits

Dec 24, 2016
There are many treatment methods of chronic nephritis, the treatment of patients should pay attention to the correct care. The chronic nephritis diet is indeed the treatment of nephritis need to pay attention to aspects. What should the food of chronic nephritis notice? Understand what patients eat good kidney disease in order to better physical rehabilitation.
About chronic nephritis diet should pay attention to what we want to clear the treatment of nephropathy is very serious, many people know nephritis harm, so nephritis treatment must be careful. Chronic renal failure diet should pay attention to the following points:
1, adequate intake of heat
In limiting protein intake, in order to avoid insufficient calorie intake, you can eat more calories and low protein foods to supplement. Vegetable oil (such as soybean, peanut oil), low protein starch (such as: Elizabeth, whiting, lotus root starch,) and sugar (such as sugar, honey, ginger, sugar, fruit sugar), their calorie intake per day per kilogram of body weight 30 ~ 40 kcal.
2, intake of high quality protein
Patients with renal failure, need to limit intake of protein, in order to reduce the burden on the kidney, but if you eat less, the consumption of muscle and visceral organs of the body, so must have the right and sufficient "quantity" and "quality" of the protein. Protein intake should be controlled at 0.6 grams per kilogram of body weight, such as weight of 50 kg, the daily protein intake should be controlled to about 30 grams.
Above is about the diet of chronic nephritis should pay attention to what the introduction, nephropathy patients eat what everybody clear! The best kidney hospital in the country to serve you! If you have any questions about the above, consult the nearby hospitals. If your computer is not convenient you can also find a suitable hospital online customer service, ask questions, to understand their condition as soon as possible after rehabilitation treatment.

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