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Combined use of multiple immunosuppressive agents and cytoto

Dec 31, 2016
In order to reduce the side effects of hormones, reduce the severity of renal fibrosis caused by repeated disease. Tongshantang Medical Group experts after a detailed study of nephrotic syndrome hormone play a role in principle, found immunosuppressive and cytotoxic drugs can also target T cells and B cells play a role in reducing the immune response. And the application of small and medium doses of immunosuppressive agents and cytotoxic drugs, targeted treatment of each target, but also can reduce the side effects of drugs. In the specific treatment based on the following:
Effect of cyclosporine A on T lymphocyte mediated immunity, inhibit T lymphocyte mediated reaction, reduce the cytotoxic B lymphocyte stimulation; and the effect of FK506 on B and T lymphocytes, T lymphocytes in reducing immune mediated and inhibited B lymphocyte proliferation and hyperplasia. In addition, mycophenolate mofetil can reduce the lymphocyte proliferation, T cell adhesion to endothelial cells, endothelial cells through reducing ability, reduce inflammation lymphocyte aggregation and adhesion, alleviate the injury of endothelial cells.
A variety of immunosuppressive agents, in favor of a variety of immunosuppressive agents to play a synergistic role in the treatment of each target one by one. In addition, small and medium doses of immunosuppressive agents and cytotoxic drugs also reduce the adverse effects of the use of sufficient amounts of hormones on the body.
After clinical observation, different types of nephrotic syndrome with different multi-target treatment program, as soon as possible to alleviate the disease, improve the clinical efficiency of the role of the kidney. At the same time, in this process, we must cooperate with the treatment of micro Chinese medicine penetration, can obtain a significant clinical effect.

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