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How to prevent and cure the relapse of the disease?

Dec 31, 2016
Kidney patients in the treatment process, often encounter nephropathy cured but over and over again repeatedly, this paper repeatedly teach you four nephropathy, the size of a coup: a coup: prevent colds
The weather is cold in winter, easily lead to decreased immunity, patients cause colds, inflammation, the body's immune system is activated, the immune damage caused by kidney disease or repeated seizures, so for kidney patients, to avoid the cold to prevent repeated critical nephropathy. Should avoid entering and leaving the air circulation of public places, to avoid winter flu.

Coup two: avoid overwork
Overwork is also an important cause of kidney disease. A tired people first thought is caused by physical labor, and often ignore the mental labor, excessive mental labor can lead to decreased immunity, from clinical case shows that the excessive use of the brain caused by the disease is not less than the physical labor caused, even more than physical labor induced nephropathy. In short the nephropathy patients, regardless of physical or mental labor, to prevent renal disease repeatedly, should pay attention to work and rest, avoid overwork.
Coup three: proper exercise to enhance immunity
Some patients get sick after all is sick in bed and cultivation, cold winter, more to get out of bed movement. In fact, patients with chronic kidney disease and not a long time to stay in bed, the patient can go out for a walk, do some housework, can prevent colds by exercise; improve the body immunity, but also can improve the body's blood circulation, is conducive to the rehabilitation of kidney disease.
Coup four: recovery of renal function
Although the attention can reduce colds, prevent renal disease repeatedly, but really do not cold but difficult, who can do all day with external personnel contact, if really cold is not wasted? In fact, just to avoid the cold prevention of nephropathy repeatedly means, if you want to do to prevent colds caused by kidney disease, the only way is to make the recovery of kidney.

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