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Dietotherapy folk prescription of nephrotic syndrome

Dec 31, 2016
Ba ji congrongtongbian im chicken soup: cut chicken intestine scrub clean.Medicinal indianmulberry root, desertliving cistanche, xian net in gauze bag, opening up and put sand boil with chicken, add water right amount and ginger, refined salt, high heat after boiling, switch to simmer for 1 hour, remove to medicine bag seasoning for use.This soup has the work of the kidney controlling actions.Apply to the nephrotic syndrome of kidney Yang deficiency failure, impotence, premature ejaculation, seminal emission, semen leakage, enuresis, nocturia, shortness of breath more shortness of breath and other symptoms.  
Fairy MaoJinYing chicken soup: 300 g chicken, fructus rosae laevigatae curculigo 10 grams, 15 grams.Remove curculigo Gan soaking rice 3 days processing. Set aside.Cherokee rose wash.Wash the chicken and cut into pieces into the sand boil, add water right amount with high heat after boiling, switching to soft fire boil for 1 hour, in fructus rosae laevigatae curculigo, boil for 1 hour and seasoning food.This soup has a kidney strong sun folding of the essence of check the work.Applicable to the nephrotic syndrome of kidney Yang deficiency failure, impotence, semen leakage, frequent urination, urine or urinary incontinence.  
Yam bean Gordon euryale seed soup: dry yam 25 grams, 15 grams of lentils, Gordon euryale seed 25 grams, 20 g lotus seeds, white sugar, will be more than 4 flavor into the pot add water right amount in after stewed, added sugar.A laparoscope, usually connected to a daily 1 agent, 5 doses for a period of treatment.This soup is spleen and kidney, clearing damp detumescence, the effect of the protein (protein foods) withdrawn.Applies to the spleen kidney both deficiency of nephrotic syndrome, bipedal edema, waist ache, proteinuria, pale face, limbs not lukewarm, depressed, poor appetite, etc.  
Flower pig tail soup: 1, 60 g peanuts.Blowing the pigtail washed clean and cut into small sections.Wash peanuts with pigtail into sand boil add water right amount, high heat to use slow fire boil after boiling peanuts mature flavor food.The soup of spleen and stomach, kidney water.Nephropathy, suitable for long not meet more of spleen kidney empty, the color is pale, backache weakness, edema of lower limbs. 
150 g peanut soup garlic, peanuts, garlic (garlic) 100 grams.Wash peanuts, garlic to garment wash, they put into the sand boil, add water right amount, high heat boiling and then switch to mature to peanut soft fire boil, seasoning food.This soup has spleen, clearing damp, detumescence, detoxification.Suitable for nephrotic edema, wet sheng pixu (spleen deficient) see limbs trapped weight, lower extremity edema, eating tasteless, god fatigue, urination.

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