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Diet therapy for nephrotic syndrome

Dec 31, 2016
1, apply to damp heat in the nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side - trapped waist piece soupmaterials: wax gourd 250 grams, pig kidney 1, 9 grams, 9 grams of Astragalus, yam 9 grams, letinous edodes 5, 10 cups of chicken soup.

Practice: material cleaning, wax gourd peel and flesh, cut into pieces, letinous edodes to wendy. Kidney to cut in half, remove the white part, and then cut into pieces, wash with hot water. Chicken soup into the pot heating, put ginger, add barley, Astragalus and melon, with the heat and simmer for 40 minutes, and then into the kidney, letinous edodes and Chinese yam, cooked cook for another moment, seasoning.
Efficacy: this soup with kidney strong waist, and buck power. The symptoms apply to damp heat trapped inside the nephrotic syndrome, glomerulonephritis, Yaoxisuanruan, lower extremity edema, hypertension, dizziness tinnitus syndrome.
2, for the spleen deficiency and dampness syndrome nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side - Astragalus Astragalus carp soup almond almond carp soup: Astragalus 60g, Morus alba, almond 15g, ginger 3, 1 carp tail (about 250g), the carp to the scales and viscera with the medicine decocting together until cooked, to the dregs of fish soup. Used for syndrome of spleen deficiency and dampness.
3, for each type of nephrotic edema and proteinuria in nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side - winter melon soup, winter melon soup crucian carp: carp 120g, wax gourd skin 60 ~ 120g. First carp to the scales, cut away the intestines, and melon skin with fried stew, no salt, eat carp soup. For various types of edema and proteinuria in nephropathy. 4, for spleen deficiency and damp edema nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side: Adlay Mung Bean Congee
Adlay Mung Bean Congee: coix seed, red bean, mung bean 30g, 60g. A total of 1 hours per day. For spleen deficiency and damp heat edema.
4, for obvious nephropathy nephropathy edema syndrome therapeutic side - Ukraine carp soup Ukraine carp fish: Ukraine carp 1 tail (about 250g), black and white ugly (fried) of the 3G at the end of the research. The carp to the scales and viscera, that black and white ugly end to fish belly, with suture, stew until cooked fish soup with clothes. Edema evident in nephropathy. 5, for the spleen and kidney deficiency of the two types of nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side - Astragalus yam porridge
Astragalus yam porridge: Astragalus root 120g, Chinese yam, Poria cocos 20g, lotus seed, Gorgon each 10g. Boiled into porridge, take Wuziyanzong pill. Spleen and kidney deficiency type two nephropathy.
6, Qi and water swelling nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side: Astragalus Astragalus stew stewed hen hen: Astragalus root 120g, tender 1 hens (about 1000g). The chicken to hair and viscera, Huangqi in nano chicken belly, simmer rotten, put a little salt, fractional meat soup. For Qi and water swelling.
7, liver ascites nephrotic syndrome therapeutic side - a mullet mullet weighs 500 grams to the treaty, leaving on intestinal mixed scales, fish in garlic and red bean, fill fish for degrees, boiled soup without salt, can be dipped in a little sweet and sour food, scores of times a day after several days. Treatment of chronic nephritis or nephrotic syndrome, liver ascites syndrome.

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