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How to treat nephrotic syndrome

Dec 31, 2016
Nephrotic syndrome is a malignant disease, treatment is difficult, and the treatment process needs a step by step, not overnight, only to adhere to scientific treatment is correct. So, how long does it take to treat nephrotic syndrome? The treatment of nephrotic syndrome is related to the time of the patient 's condition. The sooner, the easier it is to treat. The length of treatment time and the specific condition of the patient and the treatment of the disease, any disease requires patients to early detection, early treatment, in order to achieve good treatment effect.
Tongshantang Medical Group pointed out that the treatment of nephrotic syndrome in the long time? Although the treatment time is related to many factors, but the most important is to see the treatment methods of patient selection, in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the kidney synthesis there are two kinds of common treatment methods, treatment of Western Medicine and Chinese medicine treatment.
First, western medicine treatment, the general use of hormone therapy. Displacement reduction method. For patients, attention should be paid to the impact of drugs on all aspects of patients. In the course of treatment should be combined with calcium and so on, so as not to affect the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, but also pay attention to endocrine and other aspects of the impact of patients with mental nerve. Choose the right time to use the drug, but also pay attention to the amount of water infusion and speed, so as not to cause pain.
Hormone therapy is very effective, but hormone therapy has some side effects:
1, concurrent or aggravating infection: more common in those with weak constitution. If there are signs of infection, should be timely use of strong antibiotics to control. Note that in the concurrent infection do not drop hormone, until the condition to control gradually reduction, to prevent the occurrence of adrenocortical function deficiency.
2, osteoporosis: osteoporosis is mainly seen in patients with long-term use of large doses of hormones. Therefore, the long-term use of hormones, calcium or vitamin D should be routine. 3, drug-induced adrenal cortical hyperfunction: prone to concentric obesity, full face, acne, hirsutism, fatigue, easy to infection, hypokalemia, edema, hypertension, elevated blood sugar, diabetes and other symptoms.
Two, Chinese medicine treatment, Chinese medicine treatment of traditional Chinese medicine commonly used to repair, repair can be effective against glomerular basement membrane injury were repaired, with stem cells, cells of normal renal function factor secreted by the deposition in the basement membrane will remove the immune complexes and the diseased tissue, repair damaged basal membrane. Inhibition of protein leakage timely, to cure disease and cure the disease.

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