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Nephrotic syndrome patients should eat what food

Dec 31, 2016
Nephrotic syndrome (nephrotic syndrome, NS) characterized by a large amount of proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, height edema, hyperlipidemia, a set of clinical syndrome.However, patients with nephrotic syndrome according to the types of diseases, the weight of the condition making everyone's diet.Only a reasonable diet, with effective treatment, can make the illness.   
Nephrotic syndrome of diet taboo:
1, appropriate food delicate easy digestive food, avoid seafood, beef, lamb, acrid food, wine, and all the hair content such as: wait spiced aniseed, coffee, parsley, etc.;Especially those with Yin deficiency For example, red tongue, pulse headquarters, night sweats, dry stool, hematuria, etc;But Yang deficiency patients, such as: whitish pale tongue, pulse and body cold, cold extremities, thin, can eat hot food.   
2, should eat fresh vegetables and fruit, drinking water, appropriate diet supplements, tonic and easily lose our food such as pepper, litchi, chocolate, etc.Especially in Yin deficiency with internal, such as purple tongue, pulse hysteresis, bosom frowsty, abdominal distension, patients with blood stasis syndrome.   
3, all the kidney disease patients disabled neomycin, streptomycin, gentamicin, akebia stem and automatic immune injection.   
4, maintain defecate unobstructed, uremia patients should be 2 ∽ 3 defecate daily advisable, don't stay up late, temperance life, pay attention to rest, avoid catch cold catch cold.  
5, ensure sufficient heat, especially the growth phase of children and adolescents.If in order to limit protein, or sugar and affect the calories, can affect children's growth and development, malnutrition and other changes.For chronic renal failure patients, ensure sufficient heat is especially critical.For fueling the diabetic nephropathy patients, pay attention to control calories.   
6 the presence of water, sodium retention, appear edema, water and sodium intake should be limited, especially in heart failure, severe hypertension should be strictly limited, very salt-free diet is taken.For correcting heart failure, blood pressure and then restore the original normal eating.   
7, such as hyperkalemia, limit foods high in potassium.If there are any leaf vegetables, fruit, fruit juice.High potassium can cause cardiac arrest.   
Nephrotic syndrome of daily health care:
1, proper motion Pay attention to health: proper sports is beneficial to the recovery of disease.Such as walking, tai chi, qigong practice, etc.In nephrotic syndrome, attention should be paid attention to in the exercise of the time, in the morning and evening, not in the middle of the day or exercise when light intensity intense.Swimming is a good summer sports project, but due to the need to consume large amounts of energy, swimming and swimming venue health not guaranteed, suggested that patients with nephrotic syndrome not swim. 
2, daily life sometimes Shen as sunlight: nephrotic syndrome patients, must adapt to the weather change rule, develop good living habits.Around 1 PM best arrangement about half an hour lunch break, so that we can guarantee the physical strength, and recovery.There are some harmful rays in sunlight, such as r rays, cause inflammation of the skin to infringe on human body itself immune function in patients with nephrotic syndrome is low, the reason should be according to the sun, in order to avoid because of skin inflammation aggravating illness.

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