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Can't eat what fruit nephrotic syndrome patients

Dec 31, 2016
1, apple,
Apple contains a lot of sugar and potassium, eating too much is bad for the heart, kidney care;Patients with coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, kidney disease, diabetes, unfavorable eat more.  
2, banana
Banana sex cold, sodium salt, with chronic nephritis, hypertension, oedema disease must eat carefully, especially if the nephritis patients often eat bananas, is to consume a large amount of sodium salt, cause kidney burden, symptoms such as edema, high blood pressure will increase accordingly.Diabetics should eat less, because of the large banana sugar content.3, watermelon
The fruit watermelon, moisture content is the summer heat, but the cold meat, frail person eat more prone to abdominal pain or diarrhea;And edema, severe heart failure patients should not eat more.  
4, citrus
Citrus cold, cold stomach, intestine, kidney, lung function of the old man cannot eat more, so as not to cause the symptoms such as abdominal pain, lumbar debility.Oranges eat more easily lose, cause the quarrel of sores, red swelling, hemorrhoids.Oranges contain carotene, yellow pigment AD cool-headed on the skin caused by overeating.    
5, litchi
Eat litchi continuous mass, can make a person look pale, dizziness, flustered, cold sweats, yawning, lack of power wait for a symptom, this is caused by exogenous litchi hypoglycemia, medicine called "litchi disease".  
6, persimmon,
Contains a lot of tannins, persimmon, persimmon meat glue of phenol, tannin strong convergence, unfavorable eat more so that constipation patients.In addition, after eating crab food or on an empty stomach persimmon persimmon, persimmon stone is easy to produce.Therefore, gastritis, gastric acidity, taste xu han, such as patients, and after hard on an empty stomach, had better not eat or eat less persimmon.        
Because most of the fruit have health care function.It is understood that if it is a kidney disease, suit the selective eat some fruit, to cooperate with the clinical treatment, rehabilitation is very beneficial to the body;But if indiscriminately to eat fruit, not only useless, but detrimental to health.So to visit ill kidney disease patient, should choose more beneficial to the patient rehabilitation fruit, otherwise, it will backfire.          
Patients with chronic nephritis to vitamin C, because long-term chronic nephritis patients had anemia phenomenon, vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron, so should eat more tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, fresh jujube, watermelon, radish, cucumber, orange, kiwi and natural fruit juice and other foods.          
Nephrotic syndrome patients to fruit eat problem also has exquisite, nephrotic syndrome patients, high potassium, sodium, high fruit should be fasting, such as: banana, orange, orange, hawthorn, peach, fresh orange juice, persimmon, watermelon, tomato, apple and so on.This is because patients with hyperkalemia may lead to sudden death, high sodium intake can worsen renal failure patients, it is important to note that!

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