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What is the three major symptoms of nephrotic syndrome

Dec 31, 2016
A, abnormality of urine
1, oliguria and anuria: less than 400 ml of urine oliguria refers to 24 hours or less than 17 ml per hour.No urine refers to 24 hours less than 0-100 ml of urine.Oliguria and anuria most associated with renal failure.   
2, urine: refers to the 24 hour urine volume greater than 3000 ml or greater than 2 ml per minute.Many urine consuming too much water, renal tubule and renal interstitial lesions, increased renal drainage and certain substances in the body (such as glucose, etc.) from many urine excretion, etc.   
3, night urination: refers to the night (6 PM - in the morning at 6 o 'clock) throughout the urine volume of more than half of urine.Most associated with renal insufficiency, some patients with cardiac insufficiency will nocturia increased, can also cause some mental factors.But only the number of urine and urine does not increase, not belongs to the category of nocturia increased.   
Second, the urination abnormalities
1, urinary frequency, urgency, urine pain, urinary frequency refers to micturition number increase (4 to 6 times normal during the day, on average, micturition, 2-0 at night time).Urgency refers to a meaning to urination urine or just in the urine and was eager to line, often rush and cannot control.The urine pain refers to pass urine urethral pain or a burning sensation.The three symptoms and inflammation of the urinary system is characterized.   
2, urinary retention: refers to the urination disorder leading to stay in the bladder to discharge.Associated with the partial and complete obstruction of urinary tract, certain medications and can also cause the nervous system diseases.  
3, urinary incontinence: refers to the urine is not independently from the urethra overflow.Seen in the urinary tract anatomy or dysfunction, neuropathic bladder, etc.  
Third, low back pain
1, renal colic: sudden onset of pain, often to the lower abdomen, vulva and radiation in areas such as the inner thighs, intermittent severe cramping.Often caused by ureteral calculi, caused by a blood clot or necrotic tissue block.  
2 and kidney area dull pain and pain: pain in urinary system disease caused by kidney area including:
1) cause swollen take hold renal capsule, such as acute nephritis, acute pyelonephritis, hydronephrosis, polycystic kidney, kidney, nephroptosis, etc.  
2) week of kidney diseases caused by lumbago, such as renal abscess, around the surrounding renal infarction complicated with renal inflammation, renal cyst rupture of kidney and hematoma, etc.Many lumbago, however, is by the spinal column and spinal caused by soft tissue disease, pancreatic, bravery, stomach pain often radioactive to the waist.
Urinary protein excretion is important index for diagnosis of kidney disease, but appeared in clinical albuminuria therapy should be depending on the disease.Some must be observed for a period of time, some must do kidney biopsy further examination, the others must be treated immediately.If in the absence of a clear diagnosis, just looking for some drugs to cure "special proteinuria reduction", will only aggravate and kidney damage.In addition, some doctors lack of experience, for patients ery by urinary system diseases such as urinary tract infections, begin to use a lot of antibiotics, in fact as long as normal urinary form, not visible to the naked eye hematuria, ery positie needn't treatment alone. 
It is worth noting that is closely related to chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease (CKD) from one period to the incidence of cardiovascular complications and mortality were much higher than the general population, a considerable number of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) before entering the end-stage renal disease has died of serious cardiovascular complications.But some patients are lack of understanding, a single to treat kidney disease, do not pay attention to the change of blood pressure, control of high blood pressure is not up to standard, uncomfortable when they take medicine, feel better drug withdrawal, eventually lead to kidney disease combined cardiovascular disease.

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