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What are the main methods for the treatment of nephrotic syn

Dec 31, 2016
Nephrotic syndrome not only harm to the kidneys, along with the development of the disease can also cause complications in other parts of the body, patients should be timely treatment of the disease, early disease from entanglement, so the treatment of nephrotic syndrome in what?
Nephrotic syndrome is a clinical syndrome exhibited in glomerular diseases, common hematuria, hypertension, three high and one low (hyperlipidemia, high proteinuria, edema, high blood lipid is low) nephrotic syndrome symptoms. The emergence of these symptoms are related to the body parts of the harm, then the treatment of nephrotic syndrome what?
1, diet therapy
Patients to maintain good eating habits, which has an undeniable help to cure the disease. Try to choose high protein food to supplement other amino acids the body needs nutrition, such as egg, milk, lean meat, etc.; limit the amount of salt intake per day, preferably less than 3G; drink in limiting the amount of water, too much water will make the water left in the cell retention in tissue space, causing edema.
2, dialysis treatment
Dialysis therapy can effectively eliminate the accumulation of toxins and metabolic waste in recent time, can temporarily stabilize the disease, inhibit the development of the disease, and assist the treatment of other drugs and instruments.
3, biological immune activation therapy
The treatment of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, is the most advanced treatment of kidney disease technology, through the external instrument will be a high concentration of drugs into the kidney damaged parts, targeted treatment of disease, no toxic side effects.
The above is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome are introduced, with more understanding we have of nephrotic syndrome treatment, choose the best treatment measures, I believe you will cure the disease as soon as possible. In addition, advanced therapy, biological immune activation therapy has been caused by the Beijing Center for biological immunotherapy, patients can visit a friend to see the treatment effect, you will have an unexpected harvest. Finally, I wish you an early resumption of health, happy mood!

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