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What are the nephrotic syndrome of auxiliary examination pro

Dec 31, 2016
What are the auxiliary examination to determine the nephrotic syndrome?The treatment of nephrotic syndrome, you must first check to clear the cause.Only to know the cause of nephrotic syndrome, can effectively treat, avoid by all means is blind.What are the auxiliary examination so sure nephrotic syndrome?The following details about the together.The incidence of nephrotic syndrome in children is very high, second only to the urinary system disease, patients with nephrotic syndrome is the main symptom of loss of protein, especially in the plasma protein.When children these symptoms, should actively control, otherwise it will affect the life and health of children, the diagnosis of pediatric method have?Content is as follows.   
Nephrotic syndrome due to a large number of plasma protein is lost, can be lost from the urine protein, its clinical features for a large number of proteinuria, low serum albumin leels, hypercholesterolemia, and obvious swelling.According to the etiology and age can be pided into primary, secondary, congenital three categories, primary kidney disease is pided into two kinds of simple kidney disease and nephritis sex kidney disease.Laboratory tests:
(1) urine examination, visible under the microscope a large number of red blood cells, white blood cells and many kinds of cells or particles tube type.Visible in allergic interstitial nephritis patients urine eosinophilic cells.Urine sodium concentration of 10 ~ 40 meq/L. 
(2) : blood during the period of immune complex deposition, serum complement components.Under certain conditions, can detect the circulating immune complex.Other measurement can be found, such as systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura.   
(3) renal biopsy: renal biopsy shows acute interstitial nephritis or the characteristic pathological changes of glomerulonephritis.Bowman's capsule in a wide range of crescent formation.X-ray: intravenous urinary tract imaging or isotope kidney scan can show the enhancement.Because the contrast agents have renal toxic effect, so should avoid routine venous urinary tract imaging.Ultrasound is the best means to eliminate urinary tract obstruction. 
That is about "determine which auxiliary examination" with nephrotic syndrome have a simple introduction.Diagnosis of nephrotic syndrome, need from the urine, blood, renal biopsy, etc to check, such ability can accurately diagnose the illness, know the extent of the disease good symptomatic treatment.

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