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Got nephrotic syndrome how to treat it

Dec 31, 2016
Nephrotic syndrome symptoms, the situation is complex, so the need for good care. At the time of treatment, we need treatment and nursing work, the only way to better treat the disease, so what is the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, the following is to introduce.
First, the degree of disease
The recovery of the patient's condition is to look at the specific circumstances of the patient's condition, the early stage of nephrotic syndrome can be cured, such as no cure to uremia, it affects the safety of life. Therefore, this requires patients to fight for earlier, found that nephrotic syndrome, and then targeted treatment.
Two, avoid recurrence
To prevent recurrence of nephrotic syndrome, should pay attention to closely cooperate with the doctor, early diagnosis, conditions for renal biopsy, from the level of cell structure to determine the nature of the disease, then, for the inpidualized treatment of.
Three, the choice of treatment method
1, glucocorticoid: inhibition of inflammatory response, immune response, aldosterone and vasopressin secretion, affect the glomerular basement membrane permeability, the role of diuretic, eliminate the effect of urinary protein.
2, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can reduce hormone, and the side effects of cytotoxic drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine can inhibit the use of immunosuppressive drugs: Tripterygium wilfordii glycosides, Kunming Begonia tablets, is the wind breeze, such as pain, increase liver albumin synthesis.
3, with a thiazide diuretic swelling, and diuretic effect of potassium. The results are poor, with osmotic diuretic, albumin, and diuretics.
4, the patient's living environment, should keep the room fresh air, and the patient is not crowded places, to keep the skin clean, prevent skin damage, prevent infection, timely treatment of infection. Easy to digest, light diet. Pay attention to physical and mental rest, enhance immunity, pay attention to exercise.
5, patients should rest in bed, to promote the normal amount of high quality protein diet high calorie, edema should be significantly lower salt diet; eat less animal oil and high cholesterol foods, such as egg yolk.

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