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What are the ways to treat nephrotic syndrome

Dec 31, 2016
Nephrotic syndrome is a general term for kidney disease, patients often affect the digestive function, can be said to be the invisible killer of human health, the doctor Xiaobian for professional treatment we summarize of nephrotic syndrome, to help patients get rid of all the pain, restore health.
Principles of treatment for nephrotic syndrome
1, follow the doctor's advice
The treatment of kidney disease is relatively long, long time treatment is easy to make some patients produce slack mood, therefore stressed that follow the doctor's advice, regular follow-up, to reduce recurrence is particularly important. In the formulation of the program, the patient to do is strictly follow the doctor's advice. The repair of the kidney is a long-term process, we must adhere to the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine; medication must be taken according to the dosage, taking the cycle to meet the prescribed course of treatment; regular outpatient follow-up, in accordance with the views of doctors to adjust medication.
2, maintain a good state of mind
Keep a good state of mind, don't give yourself more adverse psychological suggestion, not anger, irritability, learn to be relieved things. Mental status and diet are important factors in the treatment and prognosis of patients with nephrotic syndrome. Diet should follow the doctor's advice with a reasonable diet, we must refrain from the original diet is not conducive to disease recovery.
3, early detection and early treatment
Closely cooperate with the doctor for diagnosis and early diagnosis. Patients with conditions can be used for renal biopsy, to determine the nature of the disease from the level of cell structure, the development of targeted inpidualized treatment program.
4, active prevention of infection
If the infection occurs, we should pay attention to two principles: positive and prudent, and medical treatment. Nephrotic syndrome patients in the blood of a large number of proteins from the urine of the loss of the substance, including the composition of our immune defenses, such as immunoglobulin, complement, etc.. Therefore, patients with kidney disease prone to infection, including respiratory tract infection, renal insufficiency. Intestinal infection, peritonitis, pleuritis, subcutaneous soft tissue infection.
Nephrotic syndrome patients can live long?
Nephrotic syndrome in the major clinical manifestations of proteinuria, urine, hypoproteinemia, edema, hyperlipidemia and other symptoms, the glomerular filtration membrane composed of capillary endothelial cells, basement membrane layer and glomerular visceral epithelial cell layer, the filtration membrane barrier to protein filtration. In nephrotic syndrome, this barrier is impaired and the protein is filtered out, resulting in proteinuria. A large number of loss of protein in the urine to plasma protein decreased, decreased blood colloid osmotic pressure, changes in capillary and tissue fluid exchange balance, edema formation water retention in tissues.
Nephrotic syndrome is a serious kidney disease, is not incurable, as long as the patient can choose the right treatment can be cured. Nephrotic syndrome has been known as a major disease affecting the health of the body, is due to the treatment of patients with nephrotic syndrome to take the wrong treatment, repeated delays, repeated exacerbations, and ultimately life-threatening. Patients with nephrotic syndrome in the course of treatment must follow the doctor's advice, from the beginning to avoid misunderstanding of the nephrotic syndrome misunderstanding.
Basic treatment of nephrotic syndrome
1, glucocorticoid: inhibition of inflammatory response, immune response, aldosterone and vasopressin secretion, affect the glomerular basement membrane permeability, the role of diuretic, eliminate the effect of urinary protein.
2, traditional Chinese medicine treatment can reduce hormone, and the side effects of cytotoxic drugs. Traditional Chinese medicine can inhibit the use of immunosuppressive drugs: Tripterygium wilfordii glycosides, Kunming Begonia tablets, is the wind breeze pain, etc., to increase the liver albumin synthesis: astragalus.
3, patients should rest in bed, to promote the normal amount of high-quality protein diet high calorie, edema should be significantly lower salt diet, eat less animal oil and foods containing high cholesterol, such as egg yolk.
4, with a thiazide diuretic swelling, potassium sparing diuretics and use, good effect. The results are poor, with osmotic diuretic, albumin, and diuretics.
Prevention and treatment of recurrence of nephrotic syndrome in children
1, according to estimates, each egg contains protein from 7 to 8 grams, containing milk protein containing 7 grams of 250 ml, 1 grams of protein containing 7 grams of lean meat. Suggested try not to eat fat meat, seafood must be fresh, but also to the limit, do not eat cold food, like ice cream, raw food, especially in summer, in order to avoid the recurrence of the disease caused by diarrhea. Spicy food is best to eat less, if cause pharyngitis, also can cause the recurrence of nephrotic syndrome.
2, hypertension is a major complication of nephrotic syndrome, so the monitoring of blood pressure, low salt diet is very important. For protein, a lot of people think that since there is protein, the body must have lost a certain amount of protein, so be sure to add protein, eat more protein food. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Eat more protein, the heavier the burden on the kidneys, if the restriction of protein intake, it will reduce the burden on the kidneys, and gradually restore the function of the kidney.
3, only adhere to exercise, is really conducive to the recovery of the disease. As long as the body allows, it is necessary to do something within the power of life should be the law, can not stay up all night.

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