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Common treatment for nephrotic syndrome

Dec 31, 2016
Shijiazhuang kidney hospital experts pointed out: nephrotic syndrome is a common disease in kidney disease, but often a lot of patients with repeated treatment is not good, and even the phenomenon of repeated attacks. Faced with this situation, the main treatment is not complete, the method can not be the cause of. So today, our experts through the analysis of several common methods of treatment of kidney common, to solve the problems.

First, hormone therapy. The hormone is a very common way in treatment of kidney, many patients will choose to follow doctor's orders according to the condition of hormone treatment, the comprehensive effect of using hormone can achieve the effect of glomerular basement membrane permeability, and thus play its diuretic, eliminate the urinary protein. The theory of it, and is often used to have what not good place to use the hormone, but because hormones need to follow the "taking method step by step", many patients will have a dependence on drugs, once the withdrawal, and prone to infection, leading to disease recurrence. Some patients will also be due to taking hormones leading to obesity, drug induced infection, etc.. So it's not a cure for kidney disease".
Two, dialysis treatment. Because some nephrotic syndrome patients will appear unwell state in the course of treatment, such as vomiting, edema, the renal function in further loss, this is the common method of "western medicine will be on dialysis treatment". Can make the body composition out of the body through a semipermeable membrane by dialysis treatment, the renal failure mitigation purposes. But this is only a temporary solution.
Three, drugs and other treatment. Drug treatment of nephrotic syndrome is usually pided into medicine and two, an antidote against the disease according to the patient's condition. Others include diet, and so on, that is, through the food rich in nutrients to regulate the kidneys, to achieve the purpose of treatment. But we all know, is the truth of the drug three points, a single medication to treat nephropathy is very realistic. Regardless of the efficacy of the drug, the time of taking medicine, is a long process, it is impossible in the short term through 1 - a course of treatment of the 2 drugs will never recover from the kidney. Some people carry forward the so-called "keeps the truth", is also a kind of way palliatives. Perhaps through these methods to cure your disease, but in the future a little attention, the probability of recurrence is very large. Can alleviate the condition, not the treatment of the disease from the root, so it will only harm than good. If you regularly dialysis, and even accelerate the rate of renal failure.
As can be imagined, now the most common method in the treatment of nephrotic syndrome, only several futile methods, we simply can not achieve to cure the nephrotic syndrome, the disease to permanently get rid of trouble. We can not blindly medicine when seeking treatment method, through the multi word of mouth is after treatment, or hope everything will be a beautiful bubble.

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