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Urine plays a role in the field of nephropathy

Normal people will urinate four to six times a day, the total urine volume between 1000-2000ml. Urine more during the day, but due to the decline in blood flow at night, intake of water is also less, under normal circumstances the ...Read More


A common cause of decreased residual renal function

According to the scholars observation, among the total creatinine clearance of dialysis patients, the amount of creatinine left by the residual kidney accounts for 39% of the total. Even if the residual renal function remains only ...Read More


When dialysis is better?

Dialysis and kidney transplantation are common treatments in patients with end-stage renal disease, dialysis including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Due to the high demands of patients on kidney transplantation, there are s ...Read More


How to treat kidney damage?

Kidney damage is common in liver-derived kidney damage and drug damage. What should I do if I suffer from kidney damage? Lets take a look at it Whether or not there is shock, admission should be established as soon as possible infu ...Read More


Stomping can protect the kidney?

How do you usually walk? Normally we walk on the soles when we walk, but walking on foot can protect the kidneys, do you know? Lets take a look at it Foot to walk, the inside of the forefoot, foot thumbs play a supporting role, and ...Read More


What is the cause of hematuria?

Many people may have experienced the situation of hematuria. In fact, hematuria is now caused by some diseases. It can also be said that there are some potential manifestations of the disease. Some of the friends may become confuse ...Read More


Proteinuria chronic nephritis how to health care

Proteinuria is more harmful to patients, brought a lot of harm to patients, you want to avoid disease hazards, we need to find their own treatment, then how proteinuria chronic nephritis fitness care? Correct treatment of disease, ...Read More


Relationship between proteinuria and edema

Proteinuria and edema are the clinical manifestations of renal disease, colds, exertion and other factors will affect the kidney disease in patients with renal barrier filtration barriers, resulting in a large number of proteinuria ...Read More


Men how to prevent pyelonephritis

With the development of science and technology and economy, correspondingly, the development of medicine has also been promoted. However, even though the development of medicine is relatively mature now, many diseases have not yet ...Read More


The latest nephrotic syndrome treatment

Nephrotic syndrome Everyone knows that many times the disease is already in the middle of what we have found and we can only get it actively before we can get out of the disease. Speaking of treatment, we should all want to know ex ...Read More


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