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what are the symptoms of high urea nitrogen?

Sep 11, 2017

High and low urea nitrogen directly reflects whether a person's kidney function is healthy, and urea nitrogen is one of the important indicators of renal function, if the urea nitrogen is too high, it will affect the body. The following describes the symptoms of high urea nitrogen, I hope you learn about the high symptoms of urea nitrogen, get timely prevention and treatment of high urea nitrogen if you are suffering from it.
Symptoms of high urea nitrogen:
A variety of primary glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, interstitial nephritis, renal tumors, polycystic kidney disease caused chronic renal failure. In patients with acute renal failure with slight impairment of renal function, BUN does not change, but when GFR falls below 50% then BUN increases. But the degree of BUN in chronic renal failure, especially in uremia, is generally consistent with the severity of the disease.
Renal oliguria: such as severe dehydration, a large number of ascites, heart failure, liver and kidney syndrome, resulting in insufficient blood volume, reduced renal blood flow, hypoperfusion lead to oliguria. At this point, BUN is elevated, but creatinine elevation is not apparent. This is called pre - renal acidemia. After dilatation, urine can increase, and BUN can decrease by itself.
The decomposition of protein or excessive intake: such as acute infectious diseases, high fever, upper gastrointestinal bleeding, burns, trauma, surgery and hyperthyroidism, high protein diet, but generally not elevated serum creatinine. After the symptoms above were controlled, blood BUN can be decreased.
The introduction for symptoms of high urea nitrogen is here, I hope people can learn more about high urea nitrogen in some common sense, so as to get timely discovery of the disease and early treatment. Because the high urea nitrogen is very harmful, therefore when the high urea nitrogen symptom appeared, people must go to the regular hospital get examination and the treatment promptly.

what are the symptoms of high urea nitrogen?

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