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How should kidney disease patients eat fruit?

Jun 25, 2017

Three points must be learned for kidney disease patients before eating fruits: potassium content, sugar content, water content.


Watermelon sugar content and water content is higher, patients with diabetic nephropathy should eat less, renal insufficiency patients also should eat less or do not eat, avoid the edema caused by too much water intake, aggravating illness caused by heart failure.

Suggestion: patients can most can eat watermelon every day 200 g.


For patients with gout, cherry is effective for removing muscle pain and inflammation, but as a result of potassium content, water content, sugar content are higher, renal insufficiency, oliguria and hyperkalemia patients should eat less.

Suggestion: patients can’t eat cherry more than 10 a day.


The nutrition of litchi is rich, and can benefit spleen, qi analgesic. But remember not to eat in an empty stomach. Eating lychee is easy to cause allergic or aggravat the body inflammation, so patients should strictly control to eat.

Suggestion: kidney patients every day can eat three lychee or less.

How should kidney disease patients eat fruit?

How should kidney disease patients eat fruit?



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